Preparing Your Commercial HVAC System for the Summer Season

For commercial businesses across the New York City metropolitan area, the summer season can be brutal. With average temperatures ranging between the low- and high-eighties, businesses depend on their commercial HVAC systems to maintain comfortable work environments for building occupants through the delivery of clean, cool air. However, a healthier, more comfortable building environment is entirely possible through proper summer HVAC preparation

Being able to depend on the performance of your commercial HVAC system is essential to the day-to-day operations of your business. Through ample preparation, you can get your HVAC ready to take on the strenuous summer season. 

Clear Out Dirty Ductwork 

The ductwork of your commercial HVAC system is ripe with bacteria, dust, and debris that can easily be spread throughout a building via the heating and cooling systems. As the HVAC system works to deliver air throughout the building, dirty ductwork can have negative effects on the quality of air and the level of comfort within the space. 

Arrange for Filter Upgrades and Replacements

Knowing when to upgrade or replace your HVAC system’s current filter is an essential part of any summer HVAC preparation plan. When bacteria, dirt, dust, and other debris are allowed to build up in filters, the commercial HVAC system must work harder to effectively compensate and deliver the clean, breathable air expected from the heating and cool systems. 

Inspecting System Coils

Condenser and evaporator coils contribute to the proper cooling of your commercial building—when they are in need of replacement or repair, you should tend to your coils as soon as possible. As part of your regular summer HVAC preparation plan, be sure to incorporate the inspection of your system’s coils to remove any residual dirt or debris that can clog the intricate hardware in this area.

Partnering with Air Ideal for your Summer HVAC Preparation Needs

Summer HVAC preparation is the key to maintaining a system that performs at peak performance when you most need it to. By working with Air Ideal, one of our experienced technicians will be able to identify issues with your current system to prepare your commercial building and your cooling equipment for the heat of the summer season.