Why Your Company Should Be Thinking About Its HVAC This Summer

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With summer getting closer and the economy practically in a standstill due to COVID-19, Air Ideal knows that every penny saved matters even more in these difficult times. We know that our quality HVAC systems and services can benefit you and your company immensely. Why should you think about your company’s HVAC this summer? HVAC Systems do so much more than provide cooling and heating to your offices. Some other benefits an HVAC System can bring you are improved employee health, happier employees, lower power bills, and making your business green.

Employee Health Could Not Be More Crucial Due To COVID-19

As businesses slowly return to normal, employees will need to have a safe and healthy work environment in order to boost motivation and aid in the return to normalcy. Employee health is crucial to the success of any business and a new or improved HVAC this summer can ensure exactly that. With Air Ideal’s exceptional HVAC systems and services, we can increase your indoor air quality with solutions like Enhanced Filtration, Ultraviolet Solutions, Bi-Polar Ionization Systems, and Enhanced Ventilation Strategies. With our aforementioned solutions along with routine assessments, inspections, and our 24/7 Repair and Emergency Services we can make sure that your workplace is a safe and healthy environment for all of your employees.

Comfortable Employees are Productive  Employees 

With the summer quickly approaching, having clean and cool air will be essential to keeping employees comfortable and productive. It is needless to say that no-one wants to spend all day cooped up in a hot and stuffy office, but research has shown that even the temperature in the office can have a significant impact on employee efficiency and productivity. A research study showed that a cold office (68 degrees Fahrenheit) led to 44% more errors and a warm office (77 degrees Fahrenheit) led to a 50% decrease in employee efficiency. An explanation for this is the fact that when humans are cold, our body ends up diverting a large amount of energy to warming up the body (shivering and vasoconstriction). In warmer office conditions, sweating alone can make employees uncomfortable, decrease their confidence (body odor and sweat stains) and, as a result, increase distractions leading to decreased employee efficiency.

Doing your Part for the Planet (and Your Power Bill)

Air Ideal can help you reduce your energy costs while going green and increasing your HVAC System’s energy efficiency. Not only will your energy-efficient HVAC System lower your power bill, but Air Ideal can also help your company obtain a utility rebate and gain government tax credit. Furthermore, becoming an increasingly green company will be great for brand image, attract environmentally conscious clients, and boost the morale of eco-friendly employees.

Air Ideal is Here For You and Your Company 

Even in the toughest of times, Air Ideal has continued to serve the New York community since 1927. That is why we want to help you make your business’ workplace as healthy, cost-efficient, and productive as possible when it matters most. So contact us today so that our skilled technicians and award-winning service can help you get the most out of your company’s HVAC system.