Preparing for Commercial HVAC System Maintenance in Extreme Weather

Your commercial HVAC system is designed to handle significant changes to weather conditions throughout the year. In the summer and winter months, however, those extreme weather conditions can become extreme, and it’s crucial to the life and performance of your system to prepare for extreme weather conditions before the season begins.

Particularly vulnerable are older systems in need of potential emergency repair and large or spacious buildings. These extreme weather conditions can have a monumental impact on system operations across your company, including the health and wellbeing of your customer and employees.

Below are a few simple ways you can prepare your commercial HVAC system for extreme weather before it impacts your unit in ways that cost you unnecessary energy and funds.

Establish a Preventative Maintenance Plan

One of the most effective ways to ensure the life and performance of your commercial HVAC system is establish a preventative maintenance plan. By working together with the commercial HVAC professionals at Air Ideal, we will help you implement a preventative maintenance plan tailored to your unit and unique workspace.

NYC winters and summers alike can be brutal. Before your system suffers, plan early and establish a preventative maintenance plan that works best for your situation and needs. Our team of technicians are experts will evaluate your system and become familiar with your company’s business requirements and equipment to keep your commercial HVAC unit running at top performance year-round.

Monitor Your Commercial HVAC System’s Thermostat

Temperature regulation goes beyond comfort – it’s a key element of any preventative HVAC maintenance plan. Overtime, your unit’s thermostat may become inaccurate, so frequent monitoring is essential to maintaining an optimal temperature throughout your work space, which may be particularly important for heat sensitive industries such as food and beverage and medical. By monitoring your commercial HVAC system’s thermostat, you will also exercise more control over your energy costs in periods of extreme weather conditions.

Change Air Filters and Performance Frequent Air Quality Tests

As a business owner, your best interests are in ensuring the health of your employees while also maintaining an optimal environment for the management of your products and services – that’s where air quality comes in. Because indoor air quality (IAQ) is such an important part of employee health and comfort, as well as your bottom line, our experts at Air Ideal offer you the expertise and resources to provide superior IAQ testing, maintenance, and remediation as appropriate. Because extreme weather conditions can strike at any time during the season, relying on quality and monitored air filters will help extend the life of your commercial HVAC unit.

Why Choose Air Ideal?

At Air Ideal, we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality of commercial HVAC system installation, repair, and maintenance. Contact us today for more information on how to prepare your unit for extreme weather conditions before they strike.