nestOne of the best things about a Nest Learning Thermostat is Nest’s ability to constantly work on software improvements and send (and receive) wifi updates whenever they are available. Our Nest thermostats just received a version 2.0 update that enhances and adds to the many features and benefits of Nest. New features include an enhanced energy history for you to view and tweak your energy savings. Nest has also introduced “Airwave” with this new update which is the ability to wring additional energy savings and dehumidification from the low evaporator coil temperature during compressor off-cycles via fan delay. Nest has also enabled automatic changeover, a new feature that probably should have been a part of its initial release. This is accomplished by allowing you to set minimum and maximum temperature range settings that, once hit during occupied or active modes, will change from heating to cooling or vice-versa. Of course, some of the greatest new features aren’t necessarily being downloaded to your Nest, they are update releases to your iPhone, iPad and Android apps that allow you to view a cornucopia of new information about your energy use and scheduling to further enhance your Nest experience, savings and sense of well-being. For more on the Nest 2.0 update, visit the update blog at this link.
Not only has Nest created an amazing hardware interface, but they have also made sure that your thermostat stays updated and will not become obsolete (like that old rectangular clunker that is still in the majority of homes unnecessarily siphoning fossil fuels and electricity). Nest puts those dollars back in your pocket, gives you a sexy looking eye-piece, the ability to remotely tweak it, some cool apps to play with, a guarantee against obsolescence via free wifi updates and bragging rights. What else could you ask for! Maybe that’s why CNET has just given Nest a very rare 5 Star spectacular review.  Even Time is in love with Nest and claims it is sparking a new revolution.
Oh yeah, and we have them available to install today.
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