Air Ideal designs, installs and maintains highly efficient variable refrigerant flow (VRF) ductless systems that lower energy costs and offer room by room comfort control.

Available in concealed, ceiling, floor and wall-mounted installation options, Air Ideal is able to install a unit in each room, allowing you to set the desired heating and cooling levels required for that space.

Whether you’re cooling a computer server room or looking to take some of the pressure off of your operating budget, VRF systems may be the right option.

How VRF Can Help Your Space

VRF heat pump systems have quickly become the retrofit system of choice for replacing antiquated building heating and air conditioning systems. They are highly efficient, require very little maintenance and ramp up and down to meet varying building heating and cooling requirements. VRF systems are the perfect retrofit for building cooling tower and condenser water systems that are now subject to stringent licensing, inspection, water treatment, cleaning and maintenance procedures. Contact Air Ideal to learn if VRF is right for your building. Remember to ask us about qualifying NYSERDA, Con-Edison and PSEG rebates!

Air Ideal remains at the forefront of renewable and high-efficiency HVAC technology, allowing us to deliver the most technologically advanced solutions.

Serving the NY Metro Area and Long Island.

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Ask us how.a VRF system is beneficial to you. The HVAC experts at Air Ideal will work with you every step of the way.