When winter’s grip gets ahold of the NYC Metro and Western Long Island area, it doesn’t like to let go. Brutal cold winds drive the snow and everyone just wants to get inside where it’s warm and comfortable. Your commercial building might just be the respite they’re looking for, as long as your HVAC system is doing its job.  Before the depths of winter set in, you have to get your commercial HVAC system ready so you won’t run into any surprises like system failure and a big repair bill.

Perform an Inspection and Tune-Up

An annual inspection and tune-up, performed before winter is an excellent way to ensure your system is operating optimally. Although you can perform some maintenance yourself, it’s always best to have a licensed HVAC company like Air Ideal take a look at your commercial HVAC system. The most common things that will be addressed during a winter inspection and tune-up include:

Changing the Filters

Commercial HVAC systems rely on a free flow of air to operate efficiently, but the air has to be filtered to remove dust and other debris. Over time, the filters get clogged and the air entering the HVAC unit is restricted. In turn, the system has to work harder to produce heat. If left too long, the lack of airflow can cause the HVAC motor to overheat and quit working. Filters need to be changed at least once per season to minimize this risk.

Clean the Ducts and Vents

Commercial buildings are busy places and constant activity stirs up dust and debris that work their way through the HVAC system into the ducts and out the vents. Over time, it gets stuck in layers that can block off areas and restrict the flow of air coming from the furnace to the rooms of the building. A thorough cleaning will eliminate the accumulation, restore the airflow, and reduce indoor allergens and irritants.

Install Programmable Thermostats

A manual thermostat controls the temperature within a zone, generally a single room or open area. The problem is that manual thermostats are sometimes turned up and forgotten, leaving the heat running when it’s not in use. Programmable thermostats, on the other hand, can be set to only operate during specific hours and at a set temperature. No more wasted energy on heating areas that aren’t being used.

NYC Metro Commercial HVAC Services

At Air Ideal, we know that your commercial HVAC system is vital to your business, your employees, and your customers. Contact us at Air Ideal and we’ll make sure your HVAC unit is ready for winter. We’ve been servicing NYC Metro and Western Long Island commercial customers for more than 90 years and we have a team of highly-trained engineers and technicians. You can count on us for all your commercial HVAC needs.