The Top 3 Commercial HVAC Tips for Corporate Office Buildings

  • Published: Jan 19, 2022
  • 3 min read

In the digital age, several profound changes have been made to the ways in which we approach work – it’s true across industries. As employees continue to find new ways to work smarter, more productively, and more efficiently, their workspace needs also change. Looking for some commercial HVAC tips for your new office? Look no further.

Adapting to Changing Office Needs Through Commercial HVAC

In the workplaces of today, traditional office designs are becoming less prevalent, making way instead for floor plans that emphasize exterior lighting and free-form workspaces that facilitate collaboration and communication between and amongst team members. Modern office designs are reflecting these changes more and more, emphasizing the evolving nature of the professional world and its business needs. 

The unprecedented changes brought about by the pandemic on commercial businesses and their internal teams mean that shifting office needs will likely continue as corporate office spaces deal with fluctuating occupancy levels in 2022. As a result, older office models may house outdated HVAC equipment that struggle to perform and lead to avoidable spikes in energy and maintenance costs. 

In this article, we’ll discuss three of the most effective commercial HVAC tips that you can use to boost the performance of your current heating and cooling equipment and implement new, more innovative HVAC solutions that will improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your commercial space. 

Arrange for a Complete HVAC System Replacement

Because older heating and cooling systems are less efficient compared to their modern counterparts, especially when it comes to energy usage, they must work harder to compensate and properly regulate the temperature, humidity, and quality of the indoor air.

Even further, outdated systems facilitate the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria into the air, extending their survival time and distributing their particles into the building atmosphere. As such, a more advanced HVAC system is needed to maintain healthier, more comfortable air and a cleaner, more efficient heating and cooling system.

Clean Air Ducts and Filters

In the same vein, ensuring all system channels are clean and sanitary is essential to ensuring breathable air throughout a commercial building. The accumulation of dust, dirt, and debris on register covers and vents is a clear indicator that your commercial ductwork needs to be cleaned. Another sure sign that cleaning is required is the presence of strange odors emanating from air passageways. Commercial HVAC ductwork should be cleaned every three to five years to ensure the best possible system efficiency.

Gain Insight and Control Through Programmable HVAC Equipment

Temperatures in the workplace can be a source of contention. By focusing on sustainability and reducing costs, programmable thermostats alleviate much of the burden of adjusting temperature settings to meet the needs of a diverse workforce and customer base. When possible, use humidifiers as supplementary equipment and lower the temperature on your programmable thermostat to help your HVAC system work better and more efficiently. 

Not sure whether your commercial HVAC equipment is in need of a repair or update? Contact Air Ideal today to learn more about commercial HVAC tips or to find the commercial HVAC solution that will help you ensure a comfortable work environment while keeping costs under control. 


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