Is It Time to Replace or Upgrade Your Commercial HVAC System?

As a commercial business owner or building manager, high-quality heating and cooling systems are significant investments that require a great deal of consideration, as they impact every single layer of your company hierarchy—from leadership to employees to customers, your commercial HVAC equipment impacts everyone.

The Importance of Recommended HVAC System Replacements and Upgrades

To make matters more pressing, the investment in high-quality commercial HVAC equipment also means dealing with the considerable levels of upkeep necessary to keep large-scale heating and cooling systems performing at their best.

And while certain HVAC issues are relatively easy to solve, such as filter upgrades or duct cleanings, more complicated problems that require the care and attention of an experienced commercial HVAC technician do and will arise.

As such, it’s helpful to be able to pick up on the signs that your current systems require any replacements or upgrades performed by your HVAC partner. 

Signs Your HVAC System Needs an Upgrade or Replacement

A commercial HVAC unit is a complicated piece of equipment that can easily be affected by a number of factors ranging anywhere from simple issues related to wear and tear or more problems associated with simple age.

Below are three of the most common signs that your commercial HVAC unit may be in need of an upgrade or replacement.

Your HVAC System Creates Spotty or Otherwise Inconsistent Indoor Temperatures 

If you or your employees have noticed an increase in either hot spots or drafts around the office, it may be a sign that your current HVAC system is in need of an upgrade. This sign of an aging HVAC system often signals the need for a filter or duct cleaning, or perhaps a repair to the unit’s monitoring equipment or motors.

The Indoor Air Quality Produced by Your HVAC System is Poor

The quality of your indoor air is closely connected with the performance of your current heating and cooling equipment, a reality that becomes even more noticeable during periods of high humidity, such as in the summer months. 

It’s Been 10 Years Since Your Last Full HVAC System Replacement

The easiest way to know whether it’s time for a call to your HVAC contractor is if it’s been more than 10 years since your last full HVAC unit replacement. The Department of Energy recommends building and facilities managers replace commercial HVAC units once every 10 years. If your system’s 10-year anniversary is coming up, consider arranging for a full-system replacement in the upcoming months.

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