How to Tell Whether Your Commercial HVAC System is Energy Efficient

  • Published: Dec 16, 2020
  • 3 min read

How to Tell Whether Your Commercial HVAC System is Energy Efficient

Commercial HVAC System Energy Efficiency Checklist

A logical first step for achieving optimal energy efficiency for your commercial space is an energy audit performed by commercial HVAC experts, who will be able to identify issues with your current system and provide information on next steps or tips for reducing energy costs and your business’s  carbon footprint.

Next, reevaluate peak hours of operation. By running your commercial HVAC system more strategically – not running the system at full power during noon on a hot afternoon, for example, and cooling the space earlier in the morning – you’ll save big on demand charges on your electric bill.

Finally, ensure the outside air intake of your commercial space matches the occupancy levels of your building. Running your system for a full-capacity space is both expensive and completely unnecessary, and ensuring your ventilation system is operating for actual occupancy levels will prevent you from overspending in both the long- and short-term.

Energy efficiency is important to Air Ideal – it keeps our planet and customers healthier and happier. Enjoying comfortable air all year round shouldn’t break the bank in energy costs, so it’s important to ensure the air in your space is being treated by a quality, high-performing unit that helps you keep costs down. But how can you tell whether your commercial HVAC system is energy efficient?

What Is Energy Efficiency, and Why Is It Important?

A device or system is energy efficient if it is able to sustain low energy performance while producing and maintaining optimal thermal comfort. As role models for the community, businesses should always be looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprints, or the amount of greenhouse gases that are generated by the actions we take each day of each year, and striving for energy efficiency for all of your systems is the first step to achieving a greener company.

Signs of Energy Inefficiency

Sometimes, the road to energy efficiency has a few more obstacles. If you notice unexpectedly high utility bills during the year, it may be a sign that your commercial HVAC unit is consuming more energy than is optimal. Keep in mind that while gradual growth in monthly costs year to year is normal, significant jumps or spikes are not.

Additionally, high humidity throughout your commercial space that is uncontrollable is another tell-tale sign that your system is in need of professional maintenance. Often, dirty coils may be the culprit – an HVAC expert will address the issue during regular system maintenance checks.

At Air Ideal, we’re dedicated to ensuring clean and breathable air in your commercial space. To schedule a system maintenance check or for more information on energy efficiency, contact us at Air Ideal today.


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