When Should Your Commercial HVAC System Be Repaired or Replaced?

The life and performance of a commercial HVAC system should be a top consideration for facilities managers year-round. When HVAC problems arise, building managers need to be able to assess the situation and arrange for professional HVAC assistance to make necessary repairs and replacements. Below are a three factors that will help you determine, along with your trusted commercial HVAC contractor, whether your current system’s time has come to an end.

The Age of Your Commercial HVAC System

Generally, commercial HVAC equipment needs to be replaced after about 15 years of service. Overtime, your system undergoes natural wear-and-tear that will cause the process of heating and cooling your space to be less efficient with each passing year. As you approach the 15-year mark, arrange for your HVAC contractor to perform a thorough evaluation to determine when a full replacement will be necessary, so you can properly budget for the large expense when the time comes.

Outdated Equipment

As environmental conditions evolve and equipment advances, facilities managers should work with HVAC experts that are continuously trained in updating industry standards and guidelines, who will be able to advise you on HVAC decisions more effectively.

If your current HVAC system operates on older models of air filters or refrigerant, you should begin to phase out outdated equipment with ongoing repairs and replacements.

Continuous Malfunctions and Shut Downs

The most obvious signs of irreparable HVAC damage are continuous malfunctions and system shut downs. If you find yourself having to call your commercial HVAC contractor several times each business quarter to solve an issue—or multiple issues—with your system, a technician will likely advise you to consider a full system replacement. You never know when your HVAC system may go down, and depending on your industry, downtime can mean serious consequences to the productivity of your business.

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