Ventilation Tips for the Drafty Office Space

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, our living and working spaces will become increasingly cooler with the changes to the weather. To ensure the health and comfort of your employees, it’s important to prevent drafts and cool spots in your office space through proper HVAC system maintenance.

But in addition to professional maintenance, there are a number of measures you can take to limit drafts and create a more comfortable work atmosphere. Below are a few ventilation tips for your drafty office space.

Keep Air Vents Unobstructed and Fully Open

With closed-off air vents, breathable warm air will be unable to circulate throughout your drafty office space, limiting access to clean air and allowing cool air to build up in pockets in the area.

As you inspect your office space, locate all exposed air vents and remove all furniture or office supplies that block the vent. Then, make sure the vent is able to open in its full range and that air flow is free and unobstructed.

Identify and Maintain an Appropriate Humidity Level

The ideal humidity level for comfort and the control of dust mites and other harmful allergens is between 30 to 50 percent. Depending on your HVAC system, however, that level may change – an HVAC system will be able to identify the optimal humidity level for your system and environment. Consider investing in stand-alone dehumidifier units to add an extra boost to your commercial HVAC system alone.

Close Off Exposed Air Channels

One of the easiest ways for cool air to seep into an already drafty office space is through exposed air channels such as beneath doors and through window panes. Wherever possible, close off those exposed channels by creating a tighter seal or placing fabric in the open spaces. Tools such as foam tape and weather stripping should help keep the drafts under control effectively and inexpensively.

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