A data center, whether it is located in your company or is an offsite center is critical to the operation of a business. Gone are the days of relying on landlines and taking orders by phone. In today’s world, the heart and brain of a company are only as efficient as its data center. Maybe the data center is responsible for information with online orders, perhaps it is processing and storing the internal functions of your company. Companies need data storage and cloud-based data, which has made data centers even more necessary.

The failure and shutdown of a data center could result in millions of dollars of loss for a company, or in the case of a data center serving multiple companies, a loss for many companies at the same time.

Main Reasons For Shutdown or Failure

  1. The equipment becoming too hot. The racks of electronic equipment produce heat. When too much heat is around the equipment, it can result in slow equipment, or completely shut down equipment.
  2. Improper Ventilation. The room with racks of equipment needs proper ventilation. There needs to be a way that the hot air and cold air do not mix. A hot aisle and cold aisle system need to be used so the heat from the servers is exhausted to the same area and the cold air is blown to a separate aisle.
  3. Too cold. Less often, but still, a cause of failure is the room being too cold.

Fast Growth

The need for data centers has seen fast growth, especially in the last 20 years. Many old centers were set up with little thought to the efficiency of the space to maintain optimal temperatures, as well as economical as possible. A companies’ data center is usually the biggest energy user in the company but is the most vital. Existing data centers must continue to grow and improve.

Commercial HVAC Systems for Data Centers

Air Ideal is a company that specializes in commercial HVAC systems for data centers. They have the expertise to design a system to give you optimal results. Have you been operating in the same room for a data center that you set up 20 years ago? Because the need for data is constantly increasing, you have probably increased the number of servers. But, have you given the same consideration to the HVAC system that protects that equipment? An assessment of the data center is needed.

Have you considered a backup unit in case there is a failure of the main unit? It could potentially save you loss of business.

At Air Ideal, our professionals can analyze your needs for your existing or new data center. We provide preventative maintenance, emergency service, and installation.

Contact us to get started on keeping your data center operating to peak efficiency.