The winter has left your HVAC unit working overtime to keep your customers and employees warm. Winter in NYC can get bitterly cold. Setting the temperament of your business depends on an efficient heating component that’s truly up to par. Very soon, your business will be using the cooling mechanism of your HVAC system. The professionals at Air Ideal offer tips and ideas on how to ensure your HVAC unit is still running properly after a long winter and prepared for the Spring ahead.

Spring Is Near! How To Prepare Your HVAC Unit

Inspect Your Blower Motor

Your blower motor isn’t a part of your HVAC unit that you should clean or tackle on your own. Professional maintenance or repair of your blower motor is always imperative. As one of the important elements of your HVAC unit, it’s also a key element in successfully distributing heat and air.

If your blower motor needs to be cleaned or repaired, the entire blower must be removed. An experienced HVAC technician will shut off your power and gas supply. Finally, they will have the necessary tools to clean and repair your blower.

Your Condenser Is Important

The condenser is another key element of your HVAC unit. Here’s how to ensure your condenser has survived the winter and prepared for the spring:

  1. Cut the grass around your condenser (to avoid constricting airflow).
  2. Clean your component with commercial condenser coil cleaner.
  3. Clean your condenser fins with a soft brush to remove accumulated dirt (you may have to remove the grille to get to it).
  4. Check the concrete that your condenser rests on for cracks or leaks.

Note: For professional results, hire an HVAC specialist

Credit: How Stuff Works

Spot Check Your Unit

Commercial HVAC repairs can be expensive. To avoid expensive repair costs, spot check your unit for the first sign of trouble. Check for leaks, listen for unusual noises, and check for signs of wear and tear. If you notice any signs of trouble, contact a professional for assistance.

Why Hire Air Ideal For Your Commercial HVAC Unit

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