Spring HVAC Inspection 101: The Importance of Seasonal Maintenance

To maintain the health and safety of your building’s occupants and the overall success of your business, a year-round maintenance plan for your commercial HVAC system is the only solution. Certain months out of the year, however, demand more significant maintenance measures to ensure productivity and breathable air throughout the commercial space.

With the spring seasons quickly approaching, facilities managers and building owners should be preparing for an annual spring HVAC unit inspection. Read on to learn why seasonal maintenance is so important, and how you can prepare your HVAC system for the warmer months to come.

Why Is HVAC Seasonal Maintenance Important?

Proper seasonal maintenance for your commercial HVAC unit ensures the life-long performance of the system your business depends on to perform its daily functions and offer a comfortable workspace to employees. By preparing your unit for the changes in weather throughout the year, you will guard your unit against system failures that end up costing you more in energy and money in the long term.

How to Prepare Your Commercial HVAC System for Spring 2021

Test All Equipment

After enduring the effects of frigid winter temperatures, your HVAC system’s equipment may have sustained damage during the course of the cold season. The most basic element of your spring maintenance plan should be performing a thorough inspection of all your HVAC equipment to ensure proper operation and optimal performance.

Clean Coils

The coils of your HVAC system are a barrier between harmful pathogens and the supply of breathable air in your commercial space, so it’s essential to keep them clean. In addition to enabling the spread of airborne pollutants throughout your building, dirty coils can prevent proper heat transfer, which reduce the output of warm air when you need it. As part of your regular maintenance checks performed by your trusted HVAC contractor, a technician will be able to clean your systems coils and ensure free circulation throughout the unit.

Balance Airflow

Spring maintenance checks are the perfect opportunity to inspect the airflow within your commercial space—here’s where your air filters will come into play. As part of your inspection, check to make sure your air filters are clean and not filled with dirt and debris to ensure breathable air is distributed throughout your space.

Preparing for Spring with Air Ideal

 With the spring months quickly approaching, you should begin thinking about your spring maintenance plans. Contact us today for more information on preparing your commercial HVAC unit for the spring season.