Builders, Developers and Real Estate professionals are competing for the chance to build new homes now more than ever. The smart ones are luring energy conscious home buyers with the added incentive of an Energy Star Qualified rated home. These homes are built to strict energy efficiency standards and are guaranteed to be at least 15% more efficient than those built to the guidelines of the 2004 International Residential Code.  These homes meet strict standards for insulationlow leakage ductwork, Energy Star rated windows and independent inspection and testing.  In this way, home buyers can be assured that they are buying an energy efficient home.
In order for homes to qualify, a builder must use a Quality Assured HVAC Contractor who has been certified through ACCA’s Quality Assured New Homes Program for “ENERGY STAR 3.0″ new home construction projects.
By offering Energy Star rated homes, Real Estate professionals and builders will be providing consumers with the confidence that they will have lower ownership costs, better home performance, environmental consciousness, carbon reduction and assurance that they have made a smart investment.
Homeowners looking to build their own Energy Star homes can find qualified builders at this link.  Air Ideal is a Quality Assured New Homes Recognized Contractor.
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