About to Reopen Your Business? Reopen Your HVAC First!

There are some businesses that are being allowed to reopen soon. If you happen to be the owner of such a business then this post is definitely for you. It is probably safe to say that both you and your employees are looking forward to this reopening. Before that day comes you may want to consider doing a bit more than turning the key and flipping the sign. Why should you reopen your HVAC first?

Your commercial HVAC unit has been sitting idle for quite some time now.  And it is still that time of year for “spring cleaning.” So to ensure that your Grand Reopening goes as planned and everything starts to move towards some sense of normal, it is an excellent idea to set up that “spring cleaning” for your commercial HVAC system through the services offered at Air Ideal. Whether you are the business owner or the building’s maintenance supervisor take a look at some of these services you might want to consider having done to your commercial HVAC system and then plan the reopening party.

Commercial HVAC Duct and Coil Cleaning

The heart beat of your commercial HVAC unit would have to be the ducts and the coils. These two vital organs of your system are also the two dirtiest components. Dirt, dust and foreign debris are drawn to these two areas.

The dirt and dust that collect in your duct works provides a natural environment for mold and allergens to grow and multiply.  And since these ducts have been unused for an extended period of time it is also recommended that all ducts be closely inspect for bird and rodent nesting.  Using compressed air to blow your ducts out is just the beginning. They will need to be thoroughly disinfected as well.

It is vitally important to keep your commercial HVAC coils clean and in tip-top condition. The cleaner that these coils are the better your commercial HVAC unit will perform. And by washing these coils down to remove dirt and other contaminants the better these coils will be able to perform.

Getting Ready to Reopen

Who can blame you for being excited about the reopening of your business? Who can blame you being unsure how to reopen your HVAC? Air Ideal is ready to make your commercial HVAC system ready to stand up to that task. So whether you are in charge of the maintenance or in charge of the money please contact us today so that you can get your commercial HVAC system cleaned and ready as soon as possible.