With the winter on its way, your HVAC system will definitely need to be serviced. As one of the most extreme weather seasons of the year, winter takes a massive toll on your HVAC system. From snowstorms to ice and hail, you’ll need to take these preventative measures to prepare your HVAC system for the winter.

Power Your Furnace On Before Winter Hits

One of the most important things to do to get your HVAC system ready for winter is to test your furnace before the season begins. In the weeks (or even month) ahead of the winter, take the time to start your furnace up. Turning it on three times provides a good barometer for whether your furnace is in good working order or not.

The fall can prove to be a taxing season on your furnace. With all the leaves, branches, debris, and other animals, your furnace becomes extremely susceptible to damage during the fall season. Powering on your furnace will help you identify what problems your system might have before going any further.

Replace Your Air Filter


The seasons change around every three months — but that’s not the only thing that needs to change. You should consider changing your air filter every three months as well. If you want to take care of this early in the season (or even before winter!), you can do so now to help ensure that your HVAC system will run smoothly throughout the cooler months. This is particularly important as your filter will build up excess dirt, dust, and debris throughout the winter months.

If you’re confused about what kind of filter to get, take a look at the MERV ratings scale and figure out what rating filter you’ll need. A MERV-rated filter between 10-16 is usually good, as it boasts a substantial Average Particle Size Efficiency in Microns.

Conduct a Visual Inspection

A visual inspection is the best way to identify problems with your HVAC system. Check for leaks and leaks, rust, wear and tear, or damage. As previously mentioned, the fall can bring about many harmful irritants to your system like leaves, branches, and other debris.

On top of that, you’ll want to keep conducting visual inspections throughout the winter. Snow, ice, hail, and rain can severely impact your HVAC system if left unkempt throughout the winter.

Assess the In-Room Effects

Lastly, after preparing your HVAC system for the winter, you’ll want to assess the in-room effects. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the rooms in your space being properly heated?
  • Do you notice any spots where heat isn’t flowing properly? 
  • Are there any leaks indoors from your HVAC system?

Preparing Your HVAC System for the Winter with Air Ideal

If you’re looking to prepare your HVAC system for the winter, look no further than Air Ideal. With our experienced technicians and unparalleled customer service, Air Ideal takes pride in providing you with the best indoor air quality possible.

Ahead of the winter, you should consider scheduling maintenance with a trained expert to assess where your HVAC system stands. If you’re in need of HVAC maintenance, contact Air Ideal today and visit our website for more information!