[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUsapJ58bKU]If you’ve ever traveled through a Florida neighborhood you’ve probably seen those weird looking polyethylene manifold contraptions for solar pool heating assist.  A company called Maytal Tech is currently marketing a similar looking product called HyperLoop for use as a closed-loop heat exchanger in underwater applications such as ponds, lakes and canals.  This product is much less expensive than current submerge-able slinky or plate technologies and is much less labor intensive. The HyperLoop heat exchangers come in modular 2 ton sections that can be combined for greater capacity.  In speaking with the manufacturer’s representative, their objective is to also get approval for subterranean installation for ground loops with narrow trenches made by a small chain trencher that would lower the cost for horizontal loops as well.  For more information on this product, you can view their web site at https://tevaenergy.com/geothermal/innovation/ or view product information on HyperLoop here.