As many facilities managers know, the HVAC system is often the most significant consumer of energy in commercial buildings – and often by far. That’s why commercial HVAC efficiency is so important. With the winter season in full swing, NYC and the surrounding areas are constantly anticipating the next cold snap or freeze.

For commercial building facilities managers, however, cold snaps bring with them much more than some discomfort. With freezing temperatures of the winter months, commercial HVAC systems often have to work harder to heat their buildings, in turn costing companies significantly in energy costs.

Fortunately, there are several ways that companies and facilities managers can reduce their winter energy use dramatically. In this article, we’ll discuss the ways you can successfully maintain commercial HVAC efficiency and performance during severe winter weather.

Clean the HVAC System and Replace Air Filters Regularly 

In general, it’s essential to the life and performance of your commercial HVAC equipment to ensure a clean system all around. In addition to dirty equipment, clogged air filters can make HVAC equipment work harder, especially during the cold winter months, resulting in increased wear and tear on the system. Dirty air filters also may lead to increased energy expenditures and poor indoor air quality.

Purchase High-Efficiency Equipment

High-efficiency systems help you minimize your environmental impact while simultaneously saving you money. If you’re in the market for a full-system replacement – or if you’re looking to upgrade your current commercial heating and cooling equipment – it’s important to keep in mind that the higher the equipment grade, the less energy is consumed, resulting in a smaller carbon impact. 

Carefully Monitor HVAC Controls

Your HVAC controls provide valuable insight into the overall efficiency of your commercial heating and cooling equipment. To improve commercial HVAC efficiency for your building, start by reducing the temperature on your programmable thermostat and utilize humidifiers where and when possible. Maintaining a temperature that is a few degrees cooler in the winter months can help you save money on your heating expenses without sacrificing comfort. With your humidifier, added moisture will also provide added comfort for building occupants through the increase in moisture.

Even the most efficient system will suffer if it is not maintained correctly. Work with your trusted commercial HVAC partner to ensure your heating and cooling equipment is installed and serviced correctly and safely. To arrange for your next service, contact a member of the Air Ideal team today