Indoor Dining in NYC and the Importance of HVAC Maintenance

As more and more business have begun to open their doors and dining rooms to the public, clean and breathable air become even more important to our health and well-being.

Even with social distancing guidelines and mask-wearing, diners are still at increased risk of being exposed to the COVID-19 virus in enclosed public spaces in NYC. Fortunately, though, proper HVAC maintenance may help reduce the risk of contraction while ensuring clean, breathable air throughout the building.

Investing in a Quality HVAC System is Crucial to Your Business’s Success

As NYC restaurants begin to open their doors, business owners should invest in robust HVAC systems with the capability to properly heat, cool, and ventilate its public spaces. With proper social distancing guidelines and a high-performing HVAC system, your guests can enjoy their meal with peace of mind.

More advanced systems feature a needlepoint bipolar ionization system, which may reduce the flow of pollutants in the air significantly. The system creates positively and negatively charged ions in the air we breathe, in turn deactivating harmful pollutants and pathogens.

Replacing Your Filter Frequently

One of the most important elements of any commercial HVAC system maintenance check is the filter. Depending on the type of HVAC system your NYC restaurant has, the frequency with which you change your filter will differ.

Check in with your trusted HVAC system maintenance company for more information on the right type of filter for your system, and be sure to check on its performance at least every month to ensure the filter is free from obstructions and that air is passing through the system freely.

Ensuring Proper Electrical Connections and Voltage

In the winter months, it’s even more important to ensure all heating components of your commercial HVAC system are working properly to ensure the health and safety of your NYC diners. An HVAC system expert will inspect the electrical connections and voltage of your unit carefully, as failure to do so may present fire hazards and potential shutdowns.

For more information on our commercial HVAC maintenance services for your NYC restaurant, contact us at Air Ideal today.