Are you currently experiencing HVAC noise? Are you constantly asking, “What’s that sound?” or “Why is it so loud?” If you’re asking such, there are a number of reasons why. From popping to loud clanking sounds, here’s what they mean and how you can combat them.

Identifying the HVAC Noise

If you’re currently experiencing HVAC noise and problems, it’s important to determine the source of the HVAC noise. You can do this by checking your HVAC system for loose or broken parts, leaks, blocked ducts, and clogged filters.

Is something broken?

In fact, if your system is making a lot of noise, it could be indicative that some parts may be broken or not functioning properly. That’s why it is important to inspect all parts of your HVAC system throughout the year — especially before the winter, as it can become quite a difficult task given all the snow and weather conditions that come with the season.

What else is going on?

If the parts of your system are intact, it might be because there are extraneous objects inside. There can be things that range from leaves, branches, sticks, or even small animals (usually rodents) that nestle inside your system. Be sure to safely remove those from your system.

Replacing HVAC Parts

Replacing parts of your HVAC system is important, but it’s not a be-all, end-all solution. For example, replacing the blower motor (the part that moves air through your system) will not fix the problem if you have a bad ductwork system. Similarly, replacing a belt on your AC unit won’t do anything if there is a leak in one of its hoses.

The replacement process can also be expensive and, in turn, a double-edged sword. Consider replacing one failing part only to realize that other parts are also failing — thus creating a lopsided dynamic amongst your HVAC system’s parts.

This then adds unnecessary wear-and-tear to machines that are already operating at full capacity and stress levels because they are being forced to work harder than they should be working due to faulty equipment or installation problems. 

Consider HVAC Service

hvac noise

If you choose this option for reducing noise levels in your home or office environment after all other remedies fail then make sure that:

  • Your technician has experience with these types of issues before starting any repairs on site
  • You understand exactly how much each component costs
  • You have enough money set aside so that nothing comes up unexpectedly during the process

Finally, keep safety in mind: if working on these systems isn’t something you’re comfortable doing yourself (and we don’t blame anyone for that), make sure that whoever does the work knows what they’re doing when it comes to repairing these appliances

Combating HVAC Noise with Air Ideal

If you’re experiencing HVAC noise and are looking to fix it, it’s best to not go at it alone. At Air Ideal, our trained and experienced technicians would be happy to tackle your HVAC noise issues. To learn more, please visit our website and contact us today!