According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), HVAC accounts for approximately 34% of the energy used onsite in commercial buildings. Already a whopping portion, and likely your largest operating expense, it could be even higher if your HVAC is not running at peak performance. Additionally, over 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. come from buildings, and in New York City it’s closer to 67%. As a result, energy efficiency requirements for construction and operation permits are getting stricter in states like New York with ambitious climate change plans. Just last year, New York lawmakers agreed to pass a plan to essentially eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, meaning the state’s electricity would eventually come exclusively from carbon-free sources. Yet it’s probably not the looming government regulations nor the altruistic reduction in environmental impact that will be your greatest incentive to go green or at least “greener” right now. The ability to lower your annual operating expenses by implementing green HVAC systems, directly increasing your profitability, should be your impetus to take the next step.

Implementing Green HVAC Practices

Energy is most building owners’ greatest expense, so even a small decrease in monthly utility bills can impact your bottom line in a very real way. Previously, green energy alternatives seemed capricious and costly. However, that’s no longer the case.

Continually advancing real estate energy efficiency has become a national focus as the DOE announced in mid-February a $74 million investment into the research, development, and testing of energy-efficient and flexible building technologies, systems, and construction practices. While the industry continues to evolve, there is already proven evidence that green HVAC improvements, insulation upgrades, LED lighting and increasingly affordable solar, wind, and other renewable power are more energy efficient in both new construction and retrofits. Enhancements you make in any one of these categories can go a long way in reducing costs and increasing profits. Plus, end-users (your tenants and their customers) are becoming more educated and particular about how green buildings are, which can ultimately impact your financial statement.

How Air Ideal Can Help

To ensure you’re leveraging industry-leading technologies in an economically beneficial way, it’s imperative to understand the current condition of your existing HVAC system. Today’s green HVAC systems are intricately designed to seamlessly interface with energy-saving devices and software that control your building’s equipment efficiently. Air Ideal has the area’s leading engineering team, uniquely qualified for critical assessment to make optimal recommendations as well as to implement best practices tailored to your individual energy efficiency options.  Please contact us today to find green HVAC solutions dedicated to meeting your energy efficiency goals that boost bottom-line profitability.