Duct Cleaning: When and How to Clean Your Air Passageways

Your air ducts are an essential component of your commercial HVAC system. Serving as the main passageway for air circulation throughout your building, air ducts require frequent and effective maintenance in order to deliver the clean, cool air responsible for regulating the temperature of equipment and allowing building occupants to breathe comfortably.

Understanding when and how to perform a duct cleaning for your commercial HVAC system is key to maintaining a reliable heating and cooling system during every season.

Why is Commercial HVAC Duct Cleaning Important?

Without your air ducts, the circulation of high-quality air is simply not possible. Through frequent cleaning and regular maintenance, including a thorough inspection and professional cleaning, you’ll be able to achieve a higher indoor air quality for your commercial space, as well as save in long-term energy costs while increasing the comfort and safety of your building.

When to Perform Commercial HVAC Duct Cleaning

Knowing when to perform a thorough inspection and cleaning for your commercial HVAC system is all about understanding the needs of your building and equipment.

A tell-tale sign that your commercial ductwork should be cleaned is the visible accumulation of dust, dirt, and debris, most notably on register covers and vents. Strange odors that exude from air passageways are another dependable sigh that cleaning is necessary. In general, we recommend that commercial HVAC ductwork be cleaned every three to five years for optimal system performance.

How is Commercial HVAC Duct Cleaning Performed?

What can you expect from a professional duct cleaning? First, the HVAC technician will perform a thorough examination of your building’s ductwork to determine the severity of bacterial buildup and whether any replacements will need to be made prior to or after the cleaning process. Then, using vacuums and manual or motorized brushes, the technician will remove the loose dust and debris from the duct system before sanitizing the ductwork with the appropriate cleaning solution.

Working with Air Ideal to Keep Your Commercial HVAC Air Ducts Clean

Maintaining a healthy and safe environment for your building occupants is not only your priority—it’s ours, too. By working with Air Ideal to build a preventative maintenance plan that suits the commercial HVAC needs of your building, you can ensure the maximum performance and efficiency of your air ducts year round. Contact us to learn more about duct cleaning today.