Commercial buildings should have clean heating ventilation and air conditioning systems at all times for good air quality. This includes clean filters, coils, and ducts that trap airborne particulates that can cause diseases. Commercial buildings include apartments and condominium communities in addition to office buildings. Many office buildings in the  New York Metro area have fewer people in them at present and this is a good time to inspect and clean the HVAC systems.

All HVAC units should be cleaned before your commercial building opens for any type of business. HVAC units must be checked frequently in apartment buildings and condominiums or coops to protect occupants as the seasons change. Air conditioners will replace heating systems as the weather improves.

Hospitals and other health care centers including nursing homes must have clean ventilation systems at all times. Health care centers continue to work under stressful conditions. Good air quality is imperative to fight the spread of all diseases.


Air filters are the first line of defense against airborne pathogens and they should be changed frequently in commercial buildings. The filters trap pollen, dust, and invisible bacterial and viral particulates. A good filter system will also pick up mold and mildew spores. The filters also trap small insects that find their way into commercial buildings.

Although the COVID-19 virus is not considered airborne, microscopic droplets could still be sucked into the intake system. A clean HVAC filter should trap all particulates and keep the air cleaner.

An ultra-violet filtration system will also trap and destroy pathogens. These systems need to be cleaned occasionally even when the building is not in use,

Coils and Condensate Pans

HVAC systems work to maintain a constant temperature in commercial buildings and this includes the air conditioning system. The fans and condensers work all year in buildings where the thermostat is set at a consistent temperature.

Mold can grow in the drip pan area beneath air conditioning coils. The coils and condensate pans must be clean and free of mold spores that can spread through a building. Facilities managers must monitor this area frequently.

Ductwork and Vents

All ducts, vents, and intake systems, as well as fans and motors, must be checked on a regular basis in commercial buildings. Broken ducts can provide an invitation to small insects and even rodents. These invaders spread dirt and disease.

The HVAC system in a commercial building must work at peak performance at all times, even when it is not heavily occupied. Contact Air Ideal to service the HVAC systems in your commercial buildings in the New York Metro area. This includes buildings with offices and storefronts that are still open or plan to open again when it is safe.