HVAC systems can have a number of benefits for your business. When properly maintained and controlled, greener HVAC systems can reduce overall energy costs by up to 50 percent. This reduction in energy not only helps you save on utility costs, but also helps your building achieve a smaller environmental footprint. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the environmental benefits of commercial HVAC services for your office spaces, as well as the benefits of working with a professional HVAC technician for overall business and operations efficiency.

The Importance of Greener Commercial HVAC Practices

Commercial HVAC systems are a massive contributor to both energy consumption and carbon emissions. As the world’s population continues to grow, so too will the need for greener commercial HVAC systems and commercial HVAC practices. For both energy efficiency and cost control, it is essential that commercial buildings take a proactive approach to achieving greener commercial HVAC practices.

With greener HVAC systems, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and lower their overhead costs all at once. With so many benefits, it only makes sense for any company to adopt new and improved commercial practices.

Here are five ways a business can achieve greener commercial HVAC performance:

Recycling Old Equipment

Newer HVAC systems are much more energy efficient than their older counterparts, which means they use less power to keep your office or business comfortable without sacrificing employee comfort levels. Investing in new HVAC equipment is also a good long-term investment because it ensures that commercial HVAC repairs will not be necessary as often, saving you money on maintenance costs over time.

Check Your Air Filters

Another way to achieve greener commercial HVAC performance is to check your air filters. Dirty air filters make it harder for your system to do its job, putting strain on the equipment and reducing commercial HVAC efficiency. Clogged filters also reduce indoor air quality, which can have negative effects on employee health. If you notice dust, dirt, or grime building up on your air filters, change them out to keep your system running efficiently and cleanly.

Use Energy-Efficient Lighting

Many companies rely on lighting for long periods of time throughout the day. By swapping out bulbs for energy efficient ones, you will save money on electricity bills monthly. By utilizing more energy-efficient lighting for your commercial building, you will prevent your HVAC equipment from overworking due to the excess heat from archaic light features. 

Install Smart Thermostats

A programmable thermostat makes it easier to achieve greener commercial HVAC performance. These devices allow you to adjust the temperature throughout the day – for example, setting it slightly higher during non-business hours – without having to manually make changes each time. Some thermostats can even be operated remotely from a smartphone or tablet, giving you more control over when and where temperature changes occur throughout the facility.

Upgrade Your Insulation

The ductwork that brings air to and from your indoor units is especially susceptible to air leakage. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that as much as 30 percent of conditioned air is lost through leaks in the ductwork. This results in higher utility bills and makes your heating and cooling equipment work much harder than it needs to — which means more wear and tear, higher maintenance costs and shorter equipment life spans.

Implement Energy Efficiency Programs

Implementing energy efficiency programs is a greener commercial HVAC practice that not only saves money but also helps the environment. Energy efficiency programs may vary from one commercial building to another depending on the size of the facility, but almost all buildings can benefit from these efforts.

The starting point for any green program is to have an energy audit for your commercial HVAC system performed. This will give you an idea of how efficient your current HVAC system is to establish a baseline for future improvements. It will also provide you with information on the cost-benefit analysis of proposed projects so that you can determine which ones should be implemented to maximize your return on investment. A professional HVAC technician will look at your current HVAC equipment, as well as any lighting, controls, and building envelope issues. A detailed report should be provided with recommendations on how to improve your energy efficiency to achieve greener commercial HVAC performance all around.

Achieving Greener Commercial HVAC Performance with Air Ideal

As the world looks for more ways to improve the energy efficiency in our everyday lives, commercial HVAC performance will have to follow suit. Whether this means researching passive solar heating and cooling systems, or installing more energy-efficient variable air volume (VAV) systems, there is a lot of room for improvement. The bottom line: there are plenty of ways to provide optimal comfort and energy savings in commercial buildings, but hopefully, your HVAC company will be one of them.

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