With the changing weather, the fall season presents a new set of challenges for your HVAC system. From clogged drains to flood damage, here are 5 HVAC problems to look out for this fall.

Clogged Ventilation

HVAC problems

When it comes to HVAC problems in the fall, clogged drains are a big offender. As the fall comes up, you should be prepared for falling leaves, changing weather conditions, and other muck that may follow. These pose massive risks for your HVAC system’s performance, as they can clog your outdoor air unit’s vents, leading to poor performance.

Make it a habit to clean your outdoor unit regularly. Clear away leaves and other debris that can potentially harm your outdoor unit’s performance and regularly inspect to make sure no vents or drains are clogged as a result.


On the same note, flooding represents another one of those pressing HVAC problems in the fall. With leaves and other debris that make its way to your outdoor air unit, you’ll want to be aware of the rain in your area. Heavy rain can act as a binding agent for leaves and such — allowing them to stick to your AC unit.

Furthermore, if you live in an area prone to flooding, you’ll want to consider installing a sump pump in your basement — where the majority of your HVAC controls presumably lie. Not only will sump pumps protect your HVAC controls, but they’ll also help remediate any flood damage done to your basement in light of heavy rain.

Dirty Air Filters

This is an HVAC problem that certainly occurs year-round, but it’s most notable after a summer of putting your HVAC system to good use.

Your HVAC system works hard to deliver you safe and healthy indoor air quality. This is mostly due to your air filter, which serves to remove any dirt, dust, and other contaminants that pose a risk to your breathing. But what happens if your air filter is dirty?

A dirty air filter can lead to poor HVAC performance and, because it’s compromised, it can lead to airborne contaminants making its way into your home. Replace your air filter every 90 days and regularly check in throughout that time period to make sure it’s functioning properly.

Rattling Furnace

Are you hearing noises coming from your furnace or HVAC system? It’s an HVAC problem many people have experienced. Chances are something has made its way into your outdoor unit. As previously mentioned, fall brings plenty of debris that can attack your outdoor unit.

If you hear rattling, it’s possible that a rock or a small twig has made its way inside your system. Make sure to inspect your unit to make sure that isn’t the case. And if it is, promptly remove it or have an expert technician at Air Ideal help you out.

Outside debris isn’t the only cause of rattling furnaces. In fact, a rattling furnace can be indicative of failing motor functions — as your HVAC system works in overdrive to compensate for its declining performance.

Dirty Evaporator Coils

Your HVAC system works overtime in the summer to provide you with cool air. This cool air, in fact, is brought to you through the use of refrigerant and evaporator coils. In the winter, the evaporator coil helps keep your home warm.

Through prolonged use over time, evaporator coils collect dirt and other contaminants, which ultimately impede HVAC performance and lessens its effectiveness on the household. This is one of those HVAC problems that can be remediated by bringing in an expert technician.

Solving HVAC Problems with Air Ideal

For years, Air Ideal has been servicing Long Island businesses and residences and providing the best indoor air quality. As the fall approaches, you’ll need a team of experienced professionals to solve your HVAC problems. 

To find out how Air Ideal can remediate any of your HVAC problems, please contact us and for more information!