Globally, there are rising concerns over resource utilization and environmental degradation. Energy resource management is especially critical for environmental sustainability.

In commercial buildings, arguably the highest energy consumers, almost half of the energy used is linked to HVAC systems. In a bid to become environmentally friendly and reduce your energy costs, your HVAC system must be efficient at all times.

Read on to find out how you can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

1. Tighten Your Buildings Envelope

Air flows freely through buildings with a loose envelope. When this happens, heat is lost easily, which forces the HVAC system to work harder and longer to maintain ideal temperatures. As a result, you incur higher energy costs.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), air leakage leads to wastage of up to half of the energy used by HVAC systems. Their study goes on to reveal that you can save up to 37% on your energy costs if you make your building more airtight.

2. Have Different Controls for Ventilation, Temperature, and Dehumidification

For your HVAC system to move energy throughout the building, it relies on liquids such as glycol, water, and other refrigerants. To regulate temperature, it passes air through the ducts to each office.

For large buildings, separating the controls for these two functions will make the whole system easy to control and more energy efficient.

3. Reduce Load Capacity

With a tight building envelope, your load capacity will reduce. However, it would be best if you still took additional measures to reduce it even further. Begin by assessing all the building’s systems that may put a strain on the HVAC system.

Some of the things to analyze include:

  • Lighting systems
  • Office equipment
  • Manufacturing machinery

4. Keep Tabs on Energy Usage Data to Notice Changes

Although modern smart HVAC systems are primarily automatic, you will still play a critical role in ensuring your energy costs are low. Keep and analyze data on your energy consumption. This will help you notice any sudden hikes in energy usage and costs.

Do Not Forget Regular HVAC Maintenance

For your HVAC related energy cost-saving techniques to work, your system must be at peak condition at all times. This means that you should have it occasionally checked to find out if there are parts that need to be replaced.

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